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>> it will be a problem by halftime. things will change. clouds in place, not a bad shot, not a bad feel at the present moment. let's get over to maryland's most powerful radar. the action is out toward the west. these have been some big storms that have fired over the mountains. frederick, you're going to get a good downpour rain. damascus, you're in line last this pushes into your region. be aware of that. here are the big storms from winchester toward northern virginia. you see this red. these are severe thunderstorm warnings. they won't be that strong when they move. through 8:00 everything off to the west of us. after 8:00 everybody is fair game for a scattered shower and storm. let's go play some football. temperature 73 at:230. showers move in by halftime. bring along the wrote weather gear because you're going to
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need this. nighttime temperatures to the upper 60s to around 70. it starts wet but finishes dry. we'll have the seven-day coming up in a bit. liz in howard county are trying to track down a brazen criminal. jeff hager reports the burglar shows up at homes while people are at work and uses brute force to get inside your home. >> the string of daylight burglaries in five different neighborhoods left many people in howard county feeling like no one is safe. >> why would they break the door and take things. >> reporter: one man has committed 10 burglaries. they believe he's knocking at random doors and making an excuse if someone answers. if they don't he kicks in the door and helps himself to jewelry, electronics and cash.
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on rosemary lane wednesday >> we had a case where he knocked on the door. there was a 13-year-old boy inside hop didn't answer. he kicked the door in. when he shaw that someone was -- saw that someone was home, he ran. we don't have a specific or detailed description but we want anybody who had something like this happen to call us. >> it has raised the stakes for homeowners. >> they're going to have to do something about him. we'll have to have more police presence. it's too unsafe for the families. >> reporter: in howard county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> police are encouraging you to use dead bolts and to hide your valuables. if you have information you better dial 911 right away. we have an update on some of the breaking news. police have made an arrest in
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the waverly double shooting from last night. 26-year-old eric ford, sr. was taken into custody. this is the scene last night, a 4-year-old boy and mother shot. forward is the boyfriend of the mother and the 4-year-old child. >> struck the victim and produced a handgun. he then fired striking the 4-year-old child. in a fit of panic, the mother attempted to take her child from the scene. the alleged abuse continued where ford struck his girlfriend multiple times. >> ford ran from police after the shooting but was eventually tracked down. all right. we are trying to find a 62-year-old woman who has been missing now for a week. mary tisdale is her name. she wandered away from the assistant living facility. she has dementia. wouldn't know how to contact
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anyone or find her way back home. >> she doesn't know my name. she doesn't have a cell phone. she's part of a mental health program who does most things for her. >> when mary went missing, she was wearing a white coat, the same one she has on in this picture. she also had on a pair of blue jeans f you've seen this woman or have information, call the baltimore county police department right away. three weeks after a near riot, the owner will go before the liquor control board. there the -- the board will determine if the recher theater will be able to keep its license. the hearing will be on october 15th. what does a hexic movie --
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hex -- historic movie theater cost. the city bought it for $800,000 in 2009. it's being renovated right now. >> let's go to m&t bank stadium where prime-time tailgating is going on. ravens dense the browns on thursday night football. just heard where late owner art modell has made the list. this is the long list. we've got jonathan ogden, priest holmes and the final selection is on so many sunday. tonight the ravens put jamal lewis into the ring of on north. thankfully the regular refs will be back. after countless botched calls -- of course this was the disgrace
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on monday night football. gene steratore will work tonight's game. you can watch the ravens and the browns on a big screen tv set up right here at harry run park in chesterfield. the community is coming together to heel -- heal and watch the game after two deadly shootings. free hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas will be sold. the orioles bats were live last night. the orioles beat the toronto blue jays 12-2. they hit 7 home runs. manny machado led. the orioles get a day off today before beginning a weekend serial against the red sox. it was a sea of orange that
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lit up linthicum today. the school is the grand prize winner of the orioles go orange challenge. by demonstrating and decorating with the most team spirit, the team won a special visit by o's pitch per jason -- pitcher jason ham meme -- ham mel and the o's bird. >> i was so excited. some ideas we had, we would stand in a big o out front on the grass. >> all the orange here, the orange and black, the welcome was unbelievable. it's nice to see a following for all the hard work we put in and that it's also in the community, too. >> look at that picture in training. part of the school ames
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presentation made manager buck showalter smie. each student wins a backpack, t shirt, and game ticket. when it comes to halloween, most of us aren't scared of spending money in a shaky economy. 70% of us plan to spend big time next month. from costumes and candy, the cost will hit $8 billion. >> "time" said there is a trek to shopping on the web. many sites will spend you several offers. retailers must have your email
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address on hand. there's much more proof there's a buyer's market. the average 33-year fixed rate -- 30-year fixed down to 3 3.4%. it in the only helps buyers but folks who are trying to refinance. coming up, she lost her husband to mel they a, but she's not alone. >> the ravens will be helping a patient bring a tension to the cause. >> and it's okay right now. the radar is clear. it's muggy and mild. there are big storms to the south. we have to time the arrival and show you the seven day coming up next.
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live at ravens stadium. m&t bank stadium. the ravens will beat up on the browns. mike will have a detailed look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we knew him as big orange, wayne stitch couple. he was getting out of bed when his wife noticed a weird mold. three years later the leave of the party was done. she's not going to walk out will alone.
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>> very emotional, very emotional. he's always with us. >> wayne's world never wandered out of the zip or too far away from the carney tower. >> in our mind it was skin cancer. you cut it off and you're done. we didn't realize how bad melanoma was. >> he didn't count on dying of melanoma at the age of 45. >> always with me. i have a tattoo of him on my shoulder. one of list most famous things, it just means so much to me because i know right now if he was here even through everything he was going through, he would tell us remain calm. all is well. >> he's always the life of the party. he is so strong. like you would have never known that he was going through
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anything at all. >> reporter: he has a ravens fan club up in heaven. >> i miss him every day. not a day goes by where i don't think about him but he's in my heart and i see my kids and both kids are a piece of him, so i see that every day. >> big orange. the lesson, get to your dermatologist. now we want to show you big orange dot orange. you'll find about the third annual big orange shem feast at mar -- shrimp feast at martin's west. they hope to raise $20,000 to fight melanoma. kelly? >> the 20th annual comben race for -- komen race for the cure. it's taking place in hunt valley
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october 21st. the money raised always goes toward the battle against breast cancer and research and treating folks here in our area. call 410-433-race or online at komen how to keep your children safe from drowning. the consumer product safety commission says for children younger than four it can only take a few inches of water to drown. most of the time we think of swimming pools when it comes to drowning but young kids can drown in bathtubs, buckets, even the toilet. never leave the little one alone near the water. keep them in arm'snd don't keep buckets with liquid in them laying out. you might want to consider
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putting locks on your toilet seat. >> let's take a lock at time lapse. they will get wet in the next 25 to 30 minutes. here's the shot downtown and again, a very mild feel for most of the afternoon, temperatures running into the 80s. we're at 75 degrees. loment at 64%. that easterly wind dragging in all the moisture off the bay. that barometric pressure is steady but will fall. 81 degrees thus far. 74 being your normal number. that record will stay in the books for another year, 1998. 95 degrees on this date. 77 easton. salisbury at 77. frederick at 75. it's a rain cooled 68. you have big storms move through. those are the storms we're waiting out to the west.
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in terms of what we have on poirksd 61, 66. when you get temperatures into the 60s, you do know that is a sticky feel. hour hour, 73 degrees. we're back on on abc2 news at 11. scattered storms with gradual improvements going into your friday. clear overhead at the present moment but out toward the west you notice a line of pretty nasty storm that is have developed. severe thunderstorm warning. this is over northern virginia. moving into green valley, a heavy downpour rain. this is the batch that will be moving into the stadium. here's abc2 future scan showing the progression from southwest to northeast. it will kick in after 8:00. it will start dry but things are going to go downhill during the course of the game. i would say about halftime
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you'll be dealing with scattered showers. all this rain and showers running along the station or frontal boundary, cool air to the north and warm air to the south. 81 in richmond. altoona 64. pittsburgh, 63. that's the cooler air that will funnel in. future trend showing the scattered showers. maybe a spot shower to start your morning commute tomorrow. could be a spot shower south and east of town. cecil county, you're included. the weekend setup, we were thinking that the front would be on top. it's going to budge more toward the south. that should allow for more sunshine as we go into your weekend. 64 in town. a winning night. 79 for tomorrow afternoon. that is your two-degree guarantee with the possibility
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of a spot shower. we have through the weekend, you'll be okay if you're going to the game. it will be cooler saturday note and sunday night. temperatures during the day, 71, 72. we'll be into the 70s next week. the trend, the next four, six days, it looks good, drier and cooler. >> okay. >> robert lee park unveiled an open art exhibition. the park is part of a $6 million renovation. it now has a new pavilion, pedestrian bridge. baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz said it gives it a nos stall jic look. >> wow, that was a special feeling and that kind of -- has
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the same feeling. >> the art exhibition called off the wall uses reproductions of classic paintings at outdoor space all around the baltimore area. we're about two hours from the ravens-browns kickoff. we're also rooting for local high school teams. a student athlete of the week will be picked. if you have a special student in mind, you can nominate someone on line at each at let -- athlete will be featured on thursday. it's one of the hottest new shows of the season. here's a sneak peek of what they're working on for the list. >> where do baltimore bargain hunters go to find the best deals? that's coming up tonight on the list at 7. >> reporter: tonight on abc2.
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>> we're downtown. look at the people. >> it's getting ready. >> browns ravens, thursday night football. we'll be right back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues tt would have...
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gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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before we go, here's a look at what we're working on. >> we know the job market is
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tight. we'll introduce you to tisha. she is doing something to draw attention away from her disability. could you be sitting on a gold mine? neil armstrong's passing could mean big bucks for some. >> hopefully folks at the game won't get rained on too bad. >> you'll start off dry. it looks deceiving. then it will come. we'll show you where that is, still west of town. it shows the progression. i don't know what that's doing. mild through the course of the evening. showers will be in here through the course of the night. it's a wet start for your friday morning but things dry out. we'll show you the seven-day forecast and the radar. >> get your rain gear. >> okay. let's go downtown. we'll see you down there
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tonight, rens-browns, 8:20. >> have a good night. thanks for joining us. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is
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to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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